ambulance services is a one-stop service provider to facilitate and provide ambulance services during an individual’s need. Ambulance requirements need not be only for medical emergencies, there are many times or situations one is in need of an ambulance to be used as a basic transport vehicle if the person is not in the position of travelling in a normal vehicle. Sometimes one may require an ambulance to shift a patient to another nearby town, due to illness or unable to travel in a normal vehicle for a long distance due to health conditions. It is a taboo among the people that ambulances are thought or utilized only during emergencies. In fact,an ambulance can also be used to shift people even during non-emergency situations. has initiated the service to assist the people who need any kind of ambulance services travelling within Chennai and shifting to other locations from Chennai. We work with various ambulance service providers like private ambulance providers and hospital-based ambulance network providers. We facilitate and organise the type of ambulance depending upon the patient’s condition and requirement.

As per the statistics, every day on an average of around 200 to 300 patients in a metro city is in need of an ambulance service either for critical emergencies or transport ambulance (general) services. On an average around 150 hospital-based and private ambulances move around the city shifting patients from either to the hospital or back home or from one location to another. The awareness among the people needs to be increased further that there is a specialized medical vehicle that is available for them to use for non-emergency cases so the struggle can be eased out. This is where we would like to come to help people to manage such situations with peace by offering timely services.

Our Services

transport ambulance
Transport Ambulance

A basic ambulance without medical equipment support and could be a vehicle with or without air-conditioning facility

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BLS Ambulance
Basic Life Support ambulance (BLS)

Basic Life Support ambulance, generally known as BLS ambulances is equipped with the necessary medical equipments and nursing assistants

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ACLS ambulance
ACLS Ambulances

Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulances, commonly known as “mobile ICU” are the upgraded version of ambulances

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special Ambulance
Ambulance for corporate events/special events

Event medical services are one of the major parts of any event organised. The safety of the attendees is a prime responsibility of the event planning team.

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Air ambulance
Air ambulance services

We offer a dedicated, experienced and reliable air ambulance services in Chennai. The service is offered for critically ill non-emergency patients who need escort services.

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