is an integrated service portal for ambulance services, which is been developed and managed by an efficient and a professional experienced healthcare team having an experience for the past 25 years. The team members have varied experience in the medical field and are able to understand the value of time of the client contacting us. The team works towards complete customer satisfaction and service as their first priority. Since the timely support is very essential for ambulance services, we are committed to provide the services as per international standards and response time. We provide 24x7 support services and our dedicated executives handle the calls and organise the ambulance services as per the need of the individuals.

Since ambulance services are one of the critical services to the public, we are very particular to identify the partners who provide services to our clients through We have associated with various partners who provide the following services;

  • Transport ambulance
  • Basic Life Support ambulance (BLS)
  • Advance Cardiac Life Support ambulance (ACLS) – advanced
  • Special ambulance with trained nurses and doctors
  • Ambulance for special events
  • Ambulance for corporate services
  • Air Ambulance Services

These ambulance services can be provided for either short distances or long distances, depends on the specific needs. ensures that our team and partners comprise of;

  • Well Trained professional drivers
  • Highly qualified doctors & paramedics
  • Well trained and certified nurses
  • Skilled support and administration staff is a base created to make it easy for the people to reach out to get ambulance services as we have seen and experienced many families struggle to get an ambulance on time.