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Ambulance on Call, one of the earliest non-emergency ambulance services provider in Chennai offers world-class patient transportation services. The private ambulance service provider offers an array of patient logistic services including Ambulances for Long Distance Travel, AC and Non-AC Ambulance Services, Mobile ICU Facilities and Transport Ambulance Support. The 24 hours ambulances service provider in Chennai facilitates and follows international norms that are being followed by the Patient Logistic Services providers worldwide.

With an aim to address the unfocused issues in Patient Logistic services, Ambulance on Call takes meticulous care during the travel by the non-emergency medical transportation service. Headed by the leaders who possess over 2 decades of flourishing experience in the Healthcare and its related sectors, Ambulance on Call ensures a seamless transportation of the seniors. We understand the importance of a safe and smooth journey in Patient Logistics like no one does.

Equipped with all the advanced medical features provided by Ambulance on Call, the ambulance ensures the on-board senior’s health condition is stable and the journey is comfortable. We take all the necessary precautions just to make sure the seniors are receiving an enhanced journey experience. Based on the senior’s health condition, we will arrange the medical equipment and the medical staff to handle any sort of medical situation that may arise.

The paramedics who are aboard the vehicle are well trained and experienced in patient logistics. Our experienced ambulance staff, including drivers who has years of experience know the etiquettes that need to be followed for a seamless journey. We maintain our ambulances in excellent condition both in terms of vehicle maintenance and patient cabin infrastructure.

We extend our expertise by constantly evaluating our services and adopting the revolutionary changes that take place in Healthcare and Patient Logistic sectors. All our services are well-acclaimed and we pursue this Excellency by learning the new trends in the industry that dawn every day.

The services provided by the round the clock ambulance service provider in Chennai are way affordable and convenient. Onboard facilities such as Oxygen Cylinder, Emergency Medical Support Kit and other necessary medical equipment that make sure seniors are safe and convenient.

  • Transport Ambulance
  • Basic Life Support Ambulance (BLS)
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance (ACLS)
  • A special ambulance equipped with competent nurses and accomplished doctors
  • An ambulance exclusively for major events and corporate services
  • Air ambulance services

These ambulance services can be availed by an individual either for traveling  short or long distances. To make the medical journey more convenient our team consists of  

  • Well-trained professional drivers
  • Experienced and highly qualified doctors
  • Competent nurses
  • Skillful staff

Ambulance on Call aims to provide enhanced patient logistic facilities that are within the hand’s reach of the public to utilize the ambulance services.

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