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We understand the demand for keeping the remains of a loved one in a safe manner is increasing day by day in India. The absence of well-equipped and technologically advanced mortuary vans, ambulances with freezer box and body freezer boxes in Chennai, making it difficult for many families to perform the last rite of their loved one in the way they deserve. To address this issue, Ambulance on Call is offering mortuary vans and a wide range of body freezer boxes in the Chennai region, with world-class safety features.

The mortuary van provided by Ambulance on Call will be oxygen attached. And the Ambulances with freezer box are designed to preserve the physical remains of the person. The freezer boxes and the mortuary vans could be availed for longer distances.

Our medically trained staff ensure all the necessary precautions are taken while transporting the physical remains of a person. The people can avail these services through online booking.

The remains of a person should be guarded well and all the necessary precautions should be taken in case if there is any need for preservation. We understand there is a scope significant improvement needs to be done in maintaining the physical remains of a person in India. We ensure the safety standards are met before transporting the person to the desired location and preserving them till they receive their last rites.

Meeting all the required standards, Ambulance on Call arranges quality and well-maintained freezer boxes that ensure the last remains of a person are safe.

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