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Forecasting the advancements in Indian Healthcare, Ambulance on Call is providing reliable Air Ambulance services in Chennai. This is considered as the fastest means to transport the patients to the hospitals. Apart from the emergency medical transportation, Air Ambulance Services also offer non-emergency medical transportation services which include transporting patients from one location to another location using air transportation.

One of the benefits of hiring an air ambulance is that it enables the patients to reach their destination in no time. The air-ambulance consists medical equipment such as defibrillators, ventilator, infusion pumps, balloon pumps, stretchers and monitors along with necessary medications. Supported specially designed air ambulance helicopters, air ambulance services provide basic life support to the patients onboard.

Long distance air ambulance could be availed to transport the patients from one state to another state as long distances on road could be tiresome. Some of the types of flight ambulance and Indian ambulance are listed below:

Chartered planes as Air ambulances:

These are emergency air ambulance which can be availed by those patients who are critically ill and require constant ventilator support. They are accompanied by highly qualified doctors and competent paramedical staff providing comprehensive support during shifting.

Commercial Planes as Air ambulances:

Medical transportation by a commercial plane is useful for the patients who require cardiac monitoring, constant oxygen supply, infusion and ICU support on board. They are escorted by a team of medical and paramedic professionals. It is not suitable for patients who are chronically ill and who require ventilator support. Ambulance on Call provides Air ambulance for international travelers who are in need of a medical transport facility to get treatment abroad.

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