Air ambulance services

We offer a dedicated, experienced and reliable air ambulance services in Chennai. The service is offered for critically ill non-emergency patients who need escort services. We shift patients from one point to another point, it could be within India and to another country from India or vice-versa. This service allows patients to reach the desired destination at a minimally less time, which is very critical and we as a team are able to offer this as top priority.

The patients are handled with compassionate care by experienced doctors and paramedics during the transfer by following standard which are accepted globally. The staff are trained well to handle critically ill patients who are on life support to handle the critical care that is needed on skies.

The air ambulance is completely equipped with state-of-the-art equipments such as defibrillators, ventilator, infusion pumps, balloon pumps, stretchers, monitors and other essential medications. We ensure the family stays with comfort during the transfer.

Types of air ambulances;

Air ambulance by chartered planes

Patients who are critically ill and who are on ventilator support are transferred through chartered planes. The doctors and paramedical staff accompany the patient during the transfer and provide complete support of medical care.

Air ambulance by commercial planes

Patients with cardiac monitoring, oxygen, infusion pumps and who require an ICU support on board are transferred through commercial planes. The medical staff and paramedics are capable enough in handling these types of patients on board. Patients who are critically ill and who are on ventilator support are not transferred through commercial planes.