5 Safety Tips for Long Distance Medical Transportation

Be it an emergency situation or non-emergency medical transportation, the patient is required to be provided with meticulous care during the medical transportation. Irrespective of the health condition of the patient, the transportation providers should take all the necessary precautions and should be equipped to handle any sort of emergency[...]

Medical Coverage Services for Events

While planning for an event irrespective of its extent, organizers must see to the safety of all the people present at that event. An event includes all officials, staffs, organizers, participants, media and general audiences. It is important for the event organizers to provide proper medical assistance for every person attending an event.[...]

Ambulance Services & Its Importance in Society

Increase in medical ailments has led to the rise in hospitals and emergency medical services assisting patients who require emergency medical assistance at critical moments helping them to reach the hospital on time thus saving their life.[...]

Pain Management in Ambulance

Studies show that around 80% of the patients experience pain from their conditions while in an ambulance. A patient’s mental well-being and his consequent pain levels in the hospital are determined by the pain management he receives while being transported in the ambulance.[...]

Why you need check for FAR 135.607 system before hiring an air ambulance?

Air ambulance service is the fastest transportation both when the patient requires immediate medical assistance or when patient required to travel long distances. This trend of air ambulances is progressing at a great pace, all over the world.Before hiring an air ambulance one should check whether the ambulance is equipped with both medically and meeting all the flight safety parameters at international standards.[...]

Ambulance Drones - A Future Surge

Accelerating Emergency Medication can prevent a patient from a critical illness and increase recuperation drastically. This is strikingly valid for heart failures, suffocation, injuries and respiratory issues. [...]

Featured Equipment Transport Incubator

Air Ambulance service and emergency ambulance service, have been discussed in previous blog posts, and this time around we are moving onto another emergency medical equipment known as ambulance transport incubator. [...]

What Are Event Medical Services?

There is no dearth of grandeur festivals and larger than life events in our country, isn’t it? Every huge event possesses some risks for the attendees and it is the responsibility of event organizers [...]

Important first aid procedures

First aid training is an important learning for all the age groups. Very few people show the interest to have knowledge on such areas as most of us think this is to be learnt only by people who are connected with the medical field. But it is not true, a few simple steps and procedures which all of us being in any profession should know and learn so we can handle a situation which arises without any warnings or alarms.[...]

Things To Consider Before Taking Up Air Ambulance Service

Consider a situation in which your loved one is stuck in a medical emergency in a remote area, where the medical aid is not accessible. What will you do in such an emergency situation? We all arefamiliar with the idea of air ambulance and they've been effectively running around the world. Air ambulance rescues an individual who is in a medical emergency and bring them to medical experts.[...]