Medical Transportation for Elders

8 Tips for Safe Medical Transportation of the Elderly

With the steadily increasing numbers of elderly and disabled people...

Ambulances service

Ambulance as a Transport Utility in Long-distance Travel

Rightly so, the first word that comes to mind in an emergency is ‘ambulance’..

Ambulances service

Challenges In Ambulance Travel

The white vehicle which is infamously called 'the ambulance' races through the bustling roads transporting the patient ..

Ambulances service

Ambulance Services - wise or vice usage

Ambulance services have become an indispensable part of healthcare..

Ambulances in Summer

Ambulances in Summer – What You Need to Know

Ambulances do not have seasonal offs. They run all throughout the year, any time...

Roles and Responsibility of the Ambulatory Team

Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulances operate during times of emergency crises...

Essential Guidelines

The Role of Mother and Child Care Ambulances Safe Transportation

A stitch in time saves nine. The age-old adage is pertinent to ambulances more...

Essential Guidelines

Essential Guidelines for Handling Home Emergencies

In today’s world, constantly changing and unpredictable weather patterns...

organ transportation

Organ Transportation - The Role of Ambulances

Either side of the road from the airport to a multi-super specialty hospital...

Heart Attack

Heart Attack - The Roles of An Ambulance

Heart attacks are utterly unexpected yet require immediate attention....

wearing a helmet

Pivotal Importance of Wearing a Helmet

It's very uncomfortable, it is heavy on my head, I feel hot, messes with my hair...

road safety measures

4 Major Reasons for Road Accidents

Nearly 1,50,000 people die in India due to road accidents every year....

Safety Measures

Safety Drills for Fire at School

A school is a place of not only education and enlightenment but fun and frolic too But what if it turns into a "blazing fireplace"...

Safety Measures

4 Essential Safety Measures in Schools

Education amid a safe and secured environment is every kid's right...

emergency medical services

5 Common Workplace Hazards Every Employee Should Be Aware

Globally, employees in all industry sectors are exposed to various types of workplace...

emergency medical services

Patient care Services & Surgeries Performed in the Ambulance

Ambulances are an integral core of medical transportation services catering ...

emergency medical services

Long-Distance Medical Transportation in Monsoon

With the monsoon having arrived, travel and vacations are indeed enjoyable ...

emergency medical services

Effective Stroke Care through Mobile Video Conference

A stroke happens to the second leading cause of death globally ...

emergency medical services

Hospital Communication during an Emergency

Emergency situations are unexpected and strike when you are ...

emergency medical services

Must Have First Aid Kit During Summer

Summer is in full swing with its hot sun and soaring temperatures..

emergency medical services

The Future of Medical Transportation

Rapidly growing medical industry and a booming senior population..

emergency medical services

First Aid for the 4 Most Common Medical Emergencies

It is important to be composed and handle things with a sense a medical emergency.

How to Hold and Use Canes

How to Hold and Use Canes

As age advances, every elderly person faces difficulty in walking, climbing stairs and moving around. If left unnoticed, this

Step by Step Revelation of CPR

Step by Step Revelation of CPR

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is a first aid method that could save lifesaving in many medical conditions.

Non-Emergency Ambulances

8 Tips for Safe Medical transportation of the Children

The cases of medical transportation of children are not as common

Non-Emergency Ambulances

Non-Emergency Ambulances – And, 6 Situations When You Should Ring Them

Ambulances are widely used for emergency medical transportation purposes.

Ambulance staff

FAQs of Paediatric Medical Transportation

Pediatric Medical Transportation is the means through which utmost medical care is provided to the newborn babies.

Ambulance staff

Skills Ambulance Staff Should Possess during an Emergency M.T

Road accidents are always terrible and the scope for medical errors in such situation is huge every time.

Mother and Child Ambulance Service

What is a Mother and Child Ambulance Service?

Non – emergency medical transportation involves the services offered by non emergency ambulances.

Non-emergency ambulance services

6 Ways Non-Emergency Vehicles Benefit During a Long-Distance

Usage of an ambulance is not only for emergency purposes.There are various types of ambulances available.

Elderly Transportation

Best for Elderly Transportation

Non-emergency medical transport enables the patients to reach their target destination safely and conveniently. The elderly people are escorted by a team of highly skilled .

Patient Transport Service

How to Transport Patients Safely Using a Wheelchair

A Patient uses a wheelchair in times of vain. Transporting a patient in a wheelchair should be done with utmost care..

Long Distance Medical Transportation

5 Safety Tips for Long Distance Medical Transportation

Be it an emergency situation or non-emergency medical transportation, the patient is required to be provided..

Event Ambulance Services

Medical Coverage Services for Events

While planning for an event irrespective of its extent,organizers must see to the safety of all the people present at that event.

Non-Emergency Ambulance

Uninterrupted Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

Non-emergency ambulance services are needed in certain situations where the patients are not so much critical.

Senior Care Transportation

How to Arrange Medical Transportation for Seniors

As you might already know, elders develop several physical limitations as their age advances.

Medical Transportation Services

Organize Transportation to and from the Hospital?

A myth that “ambulance services are only emergency services” prevails widely in the minds of many people.

Ambulance Service

Ambulance Services & Its Importance in Society

Increase in medical ailments has led to the rise in hospitals and emergency medical services assisting patients.

Ambulance Paramedic

The Health and Fitness Maintain as Ambulance Worker

Health is such a crucial subject to speak of that every person related to the medical fraternity .

pain management in Ambulance

Pain Management in Ambulance

Studies show that around 80% of the patients experience pain from their conditions while in an ambulance.A patient’s mental well-being..

Private Air Ambulance

Why you need check for FAR 135.607 system?

Air ambulance service is the fastest transportation both when the patient requires immediate medical assistance .

Drone Ambulance

Ambulance Drones - A Future Surge

Accelerating Emergency Medication can prevent a patient from a critical illness and increase recuperation drastically. This is strikingly valid for heart failures,

Flight Paramedic

Questions to an Air Ambulance Flight Paramedic

It will be, of course, a delicate health issue when people use air ambulances for patient transportation.

Modes of Medical Transportation

What are the Different Modes of Medical Transportation?

According to a study, nearly 3.6 million peoples are unable to avail or getting delayed to medical care.

Medical Transportation

6 Common Reasons for Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is a lifesaving and an effective means of transport service provided to the people.

Transport Incubator

Featured Equipment Transport Incubator

Air Ambulance service and emergency ambulance service, have been discussed in previous blog posts.

First Female Air Ambulance Pioneer

First Female Air Ambulance Pioneer – Marie Marvingt

French women’s are known for their beauty and elegance, but Marie Marvingt was a beauty with purpose.

Event Medical Services

What Are Event Medical Services?

There is no dearth of grandeur festivals and larger than life events in our country, isn’t it? Every huge event possesses some risks for the attendees and it is the responsibility.

Private Ambulance Services

Ambulance can Contribute to Patient Health

Ambulances are often looked upon as an emergency form of transportation; an option which is considered only.

Non-Emergency Ambulance

Who Can Benefit From A Non-Emergency Ambulance?

Most people think that only emergency ambulances are useful as they can deal with medical emergencies.

Basic First Aid Procedures

Important first aid procedures

First aid training is an important learning for all the age groups. Very few people show the interest to have knowledge on such areas as most of us think this is to be..

Air Ambulance Services

Consider Before Taking Up Air Ambulance Service

Consider a situation in which your loved one is stuck in a medical emergency in a remote area.

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