Child ambulance service

What is a Mother and Child Ambulance Service?

Non – emergency medical transportation involves the services offered by non – emergency ambulances and the benefits associated with them. It can be availed at the time of not so much emergency situations but a transportation through an ambulance is necessary. These types of ambulances can be used in the events for transporting weak babies, fragile children, critically injured infants, physically challenged children, etc. Non – emergency ambulances are equipped with advanced prenatal, neonatal and paediatric care systems, and it is rigged with all the facilities to deliver a baby and perform a minor surgery on the children.

Mother and Child Ambulance services include the benefits of the ambulance and other medical transportation services solely intended for the means of mother and child transports at the times of emergency. These types of ambulances are used for pre-birth, neonatal, and paediatric care purposes. The ambulances are equipped with all the necessary equipment to provide safe and sound transportation for both the mother and her child. It is very useful at the time of emergency to properly escort the mother and child to the hospitals.

These ambulances are adequately spacious and can accommodate heavy medical appliances, separate compartments for the mother and child care. It also has a professional medical team specialized in neonatal and paediatric healthcare. Other sophisticated facilities of these ambulances are a strong wheelchair, stretcher ramps, a fully equipped delivery table, separate cabins for mother and her child, ultrasonography, anesthesia, ventilator, incubator, advanced life support system and scrub station. Doctors can deliver a baby successfully inside the ambulance and can nurture the baby using the facilities of the ambulance.

Neonatal Ambulance services

This is an exclusive ambulance service for the newborn babies. The service can be availed for all types of emergency and non-emergency transportations. It is used to transport both normal and sick newborn babies safely to the hospitals and neonatal healthcare centers. The ambulances are equipped to provide all first aids and mandatory care for the babies. It has all types modern equipment like incubators, neonatal ventilators, radiant warmers, phototherapy appliances and proper resuscitation systems. The ambulance also has all the necessary medicines to administer emergency medications for the babies and grants a smooth, vibrationless transportation for the newborn babies.

Paediatric Ambulance services

These ambulances are customized for the comfortable transportation of ill and injured children. Paediatric ambulance service is the ideal choice for the safe and effective transportation of an affected child to the hospitals. It has all types of paediatric first aid and emergency medicines that will stabilize the child during the event of transport. These ambulances have an able team of a paediatrician and other medical professionals who specialize in paediatric healthcare.

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