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Ambulance on Call provides Transport Ambulance Services in Chennai for both short and long distances. Our years of experience in Patient Logistic Support help us in providing the best transport ambulance services that are safe and convenient. Our services include basic life support ambulance, ACLS ambulance service and air ambulance services in Chennai.

All our technical, medical and transportation staff undergo vigorous hiring and training processes. We ensure our staff is efficiently skilled and empathetic while assisting the patients, seniors and towards the people who require extra care during the medical transportation.

The private patient transport service provider helps the patients in receiving sufficient care and comfort in a personalized manner. Prior to the transportation of a particular patient, we make sure the patient cabin is appropriately equipped and personalized to meet the specific health demands.

Patient Logistic Support involves shifting patients with no or reduced physical mobility. This requires a lot of attention and appropriate support as a rough or inappropriate shift could cause a lot of physical pain or damage. Patient Logistic Support is a special medical department that ensures safe and secure patient transportation in the most suitable and subtle manner.

An individual or a team of medical staff will be accompanied the patient to provide necessary support during the course of the journey. Some of the facilities offered by our ambulance transport include a stretcher, linens, emergency medical equipment, oxygen equipment and lifesaving emergency medical equipment. A non-emergency patient transport is suitable for those who require clinical monitoring or constant supervision during transportation.

Emergency warning lights, sirens and telecommunication equipment will be installed in the ambulance as per the guidelines mentioned by the state law.

A private patient transport can be used by an individual for the below-mentioned instances:

  • Any elderly people wants to go to hospital for their routine tests or consultation
  • Shifting people who are bed ridden to a desirous location who are unable to move around by themselves
  • Shifting patients to their homes after a surgery or an admission at the hospital

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