ACLS Ambulances

Advanced Cardiac Life Support ambulances, commonly known as “mobile ICU” are the upgraded version of ambulances. Our ACLS ambulances provide comprehensive services to the patients with cardiac problems and who need a higher level of care during transport to hospitals. Our ACLS ambulances have the facility to transport the patients with full emergency support with a trained intensive care team.

The following types of patients require ACLS ambulance services;

  • Any cardiac or stroke patients (post or pre-operative)
  • Patients who are in continuous IV medicine support
  • Patients who expect any kind of complication while transferring to hospitals
  • Obstetrical patients who are expecting deliveries any moment

The spacious ambulances are equipped with advanced critical care management systems, necessary equipments and infrastructure to handle emergency cardiac arrests, strokes and all other types of medical emergencies.

Staffed by highly trained medical team, we provide Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulance services 24-hour per day, 7 days of the week throughout the city. Our ambulances are equipped with state-of-art technologies and well-trained medical staff. We have an extensive experience in seriously ill patient transport.

The patients will be transported with specialized team accompaniment and the team is able to transfer the patients with less adverse problems. A physician, skilled nursing staff trained in the care of critically ill patients will escort the patient and will take care of the patient during the transfer.

Our ACLS ambulance services are taking the commitment of ensuring the special care for a patient in an ideal way to offer the highest level of care to our customers. We provide high quality and compassionate advance cardiac life support to cardiac or stroke victims and seriously ill patients.

Although we are committed to rapid and proper transportation, our basic concern is patient care. The fundamental purpose of an ACLS ambulance is safely transporting a patient from one place to another in an appropriate and safe manner. We include this notion into our daily operations.