Advanced Cardiac Life Support(ACLS) Ambulance Services

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Ambulances (ACLS) are the enhanced version of regular ambulances. The ACLS ambulance services offer extensive services to those clients who are diagnosed with cardiac problems and to those who require care, such as adequate blood circulation and ventilation, during the shifting. It is also capable of handling conditions associated with cardiac arrests such as cardiac arrhythmias (atrial fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia) and food poisoning. An advanced life support level-1 involves a provision for an Advanced Life Support (ALS) assessment that includes the provision of medically necessary supplies.

These are the ambulances that are ideal to provide necessary medical support for the heart patients and in cases of heart attacks. These ambulances will have the medical equipment that keeps the situation under control till the patient reaches the hospital for further treatment.

ALS ambulance will have advanced medical support such as IV supplies, cardiac monitor, intubation equipment and ventilator along with a dedicated intensive care team to handle medical emergencies including cardiac arrests and strokes. A team of paramedics will be assigned to defibrillate and manage medications. The healthcare providers on ACLS lay special emphasis on patients who require constant ventilator support.

The primary objective of ACLS is to escort the patient to the hospital without any hassles. ACLS ambulances offer services to the following patients:

  • Patients who are suffering from any cardiac arrest or strokes.
  • Patients who require constant IV medicine support.
  • Patients who are facing any difficulties during shifting to hospitals.
  • Obstetrical patients who are preparing for deliveries.
  • Critical care transport.
  • Critical care ambulance services.

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