Basic Life Support ambulance (BLS)

Basic Life Support ambulance, generally known as BLS ambulances is equipped with the necessary medical equipments and nursing assistants to shift the patients who are not in very stable conditions. provides high quality and medical care transport for our customers. We partner with many hospitals and ambulance service providers. We facilitate skilled and competent care to our clients while transporting. Our trained medical professionals are capable of managing various medical emergencies that might occur during transporting a patient.

The nursing assistants are trained to handle BLS in case of any medical emergencies. Most of the BLS ambulances are air-conditioned vehicles. Most of the emergency ambulances are basic life support ambulances which provide general medical assistance to the patients till they reach the hospital but does not provide support for the Cardiac Monitoring on the patient and other high end cases which need high level care till the patient reaches the hospital. BLS ambulance will serve for the following type of types of patients;

  • Patients with orthopedic injuries (like fractures)
  • Sub-acute care patient discharges from the hospital to home
  • Patients who don’t required cardiac monitoring
  • All psychiatric patients

Our Basic Life Support Ambulance service provides transport of patients between hospitals to home or from one place another. With a focus on our client’s service our team provide compassionate care to the patient while watching their medical condition during the transport.