Basic Life Support(BLS) Ambulance Services

Basic Life Support Ambulance is commonly known as BLS ambulance and it provides basic life support to the patient or senior aboard. A typical basic life support ambulance will be well equipped with the latest medical equipment such as an automatic external defibrillator, blood pressure monitoring equipment, Pulse Oximetry and Oxygen delivery services combined with competent nurses to assist patients who are not physically and emotionally stable. Ambulance on Call medical response strives to provide an extreme level of care to the patients during the transportation.

Basic life support ambulances are typically emergency ambulances and aid the necessary medical support during the transit till the patient is transported to the hospital.

The services of BLS ambulance in Chennai is primarily utilized for those people who are severely injured with life-threatening injuries. The BLS ambulances of Ambulance on Call are designed in such way that it provides enhanced medical assistance to their clients during transportation. It provides sufficient oxygen, blood transfusions and other medication that helps the patient to be in a stabilized condition till reaching the hospital.

Ambulance on Call comprises a team of trained emergency medical technicians who are efficient and capable of handling emergency cases that arise while transporting a patient. The medical care is offered by a team of qualified medical personnel which includes medical technicians, paramedics and professional bystanders.

The nursing assistants are well-trained in administering the BLS in case of medical emergencies. The BLS ambulances provide does not include facilities such as Cardiac Monitoring but it is designed to provide medical care to the patients who are in affected by

  • Orthopedic injuries such as fractures
  • People who have seriously injured in accidents
  • Patients who need complex care or rehabilitation

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