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How to Arrange Medical Transportation for Seniors

As you might already know, elders develop several physical limitations as their age advances. Old-age also is visited by surprise health problems and medical emergencies. In such situations, the dear and near ones are thrown into a frenzy. During such times, we need to stay as calm and collected as possible. One of the most important tasks during a medical emergency is to get the elder patients to the medical facility as soon as possible and in the safest way possible. Chennai is one city that is well-networked by medical transportation services for elderly. Ambulances in Chennai are fitted with all the necessary amenities and equipment to ensure a safe and efficient senior care transportation.

Here are a few medical transportation tips for seniors:

  1. Drive them by yourself – This might seem as the most convenient and easy option. However, if the patient requires special care during transportation, them driving them by yourself might be a problem. If the patient is in good health to travel and you also have the time then, this is the best option, since the person will feel most comfortable going to the hospital with you.
  2. Call a cab – Again, cab drivers are not trained in handling emergencies or attending to patients special needs. But if you are accompanying your loved ones and are confident that you can manage their needs then this one too works. If it is for routine check-ups, and if the patient is in good health, then cabs can be the right choice of medical transportation for seniors.
  3. Private Ambulance Service – Seniors with special medical requirements needs ambulances to travel to hospitals. Although this is certainly not the most affordable option, ambulance services are the safest transportation option for seniors who have serious illnesses or are bed-ridden. Ambulances offer all kinds of medical assistances from, life-support systems to nurses and doctors on-board.
  4. Public Transportation - Many assisted living facilities offer volunteers who can work with seniors and help them feel for comfortable taking public transport to healthcare facilities. These volunteers would spend a few weeks helping seniors practice getting off and on buses and other modes of public transport.
  5. Private organizations - The rising need for medical transportation for seniors who don’t suffer from any serious medical conditions, the government is looking at the private sectors for assistance. Many NGO’s and other private organisations offer medical transportation services for elderly. These firms charge a small price and the transportation arrangements differ from place to place.

A great deal of care has to be taken and maintained in order to make sure that seniors reach medical care facilities on time and through a comfortable transport. Since independence is what seniors crave for, a lot of firms are opening up in cities like Chennai to offer door-to-door transportations. Of all the options mentioned above, we feel that driving them by yourself or in severe cases hiring an ambulance are the best options.

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