Non-Emergency Ambulance

Strategy Planning for Uninterrupted Non-Emergency Ambulance Service

Non-emergency ambulance services are needed in certain situations where the patients are not so much critical but in need of accessible medical attention. The non-emergency patient transport system contains ambulances with advanced life support systems, emergency medicines, larger space, and paramedics.

Patients entitled for non-emergency ambulance service

It is fundamentally a wheelchair, but with four wheels and highly sophisticated clinical monitoring assistance accompanied with appropriate medical professionals. In Chennai, this mode of transport is useful mainly for the senior citizens. Elderly people in need of regular medical attention and having the demand of continuous monitoring can use this service for safe and sound transportation to their respective hospitals. This service aids the senior citizens to receive their health care on time, without any delay.

These ambulance services also benefit the transport of children, critically injured civilians, pregnant ladies, wheel-chaired patients, totally bedridden individuals, and for the people who don’t have any other means of transport to go to the hospitals.

In case of certain medical emergencies, where patients could tolerate up to 90 minutes utilize this medical emergency transport service for cautious transportation under the supervision of medical professionals, just in case.

Planning of non-emergency ambulance service

While planning the service for the effective usage of the non-emergency patient transportation system, we have to take many things into account like no. of vehicles available, the location of the patients, availability of the appropriate medical professionals or the paramedics, scheduling criteria, and finally the demand of such ambulances in a particular area.

Type 1 planning

This scheme is for the patients needing the non-emergency ambulance service on daily basis. Elderly citizens in need daily health check-ups, critically injured patients and patients attending daily physiotherapy sessions fall under this scheme. For this arrangement, Proper ambulance structure has to be maintained to seamlessly carry out the service. A standard medical crew has to be appointed for providing proper healthcare services during the time of transportation. In a bustling city like Chennai, the non-emergency ambulance service is an advantage for such citizens who are in need of daily and real-time healthcare assistance.

Type 2 planning

This scheme is suitable for the patients needing medical attention in a periodical manner. Like regular check-ups for pregnant ladies, patients in need of weekly or monthly medical examination. Planning could be done according to the availability and demand for the ambulance service. Shifts of the manpower can be shuffled according to their purpose. The paramedics can also be posted in their most suitable stations. For instance, if the crew is transporting a pregnant lady, the medical professional specializing in gynecology shall accompany them. In a huge city like Chennai, it is most important to analyse and strategize the service of non-emergency patient transport system according to the changing medical scenarios

Type 3 planning

This is entirely based on the demand for non-emergency ambulance service in Chennai. This is a long-term plan which involves constructing separate dispatch centers with their own ambulances and crew members operating at a particular locality. The dispatched centers can be built in an area after a thorough analysis of the requirement of the ambulance transport service of that particular area.

Type 4 planning: Special cases

This scheme is for special circumstances like a patient in need of the medical emergency transport service at once without any pre-booking. For this type of purposes, dispatch has to determine the status of other vehicles and the crew inside and act accordingly.

Transportation of the family and loved ones of the patients in hospitals can also be done using the non-emergency ambulance service system.

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