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Non-Emergency Ambulances: Why they are best for Elderly Transportation

Non-emergency medical transport enables the patients to reach their target destination safely and conveniently. The elderly people are escorted by a team of highly skilled and professional paramedics during the course of their journey. There are a multitude of non-emergency ambulance services available which cater to the needs of both the elderly and non-elderly. They are non-profit passenger service which serves those individuals who cannot depend on the public transport system or other forms of transport. They offer top notch personalized services to the elderly people.

An elderly transport service can be availed by the elderly citizens who are not capable of traveling longer distances from their hometown to a Care Home or Nursing Home. All the non-emergency ambulance services are fully equipped with wheelchairs which can be used by those individuals who do not own one.

Besides, these ambulances are equipped with a stretcher which can be attached to an air mattress for warmth and comfort thereby making it one of the best options for patients who are bedridden. A team of professional paramedics provide necessary assistance to those patients who have a Zimmer frame or a wheelchair of their own. If required, family members or relatives may accompany the patient to escort to their target destination.

One of the major benefits of hiring a non-emergency ambulance is that they offer constant medical supervision to the elderly citizens during the course of the journey.

A non-emergency ambulance services can be availed by those individuals who require oxygen and for those who are facing mobility issues. It is an ideal option for an elderly mother who wishes to visit and meet her family who are residing at a long distance away from her nursing home. Some of the services offered by a non-emergency ambulance are as follows

Fixed-wing ambulance service

A fixed-wing ambulance consists of twin engines, namely turbo props and Lear jets. The concerned officials determine which kind of aircraft and budget suits the patient. All the aircrafts are well-equipped with a team of dedicated and highly qualified medical team. Twenty four hours medical bed to bed services are also available.

Commercial medical escort service

A Commercial medical escort service is an ideal option for those individuals who are not in a condition to travel for longer distances and maneuver via busy airport. The patient will be accompanied by a highly qualified flight nurse and flight paramedics during the course of the journey.

International Commercial Medical Stretcher

An International Commercial Medical Stretcher service can be availed only by those patients who are not able to sit for a longer period of time. This type of service is available only in cases when the arrival or departure destination is international. It is restricted to certain cities.

A non-emergency ambulance service is indeed one of the best and ideal options for the elderly citizens who are facing mobility issues.

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