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6 Common Reasons for Medical Transportation

Medical Transportation is a lifesaving and an effective means of transport service provided to the people who are in need of medical attention, in both emergency and non-emergency situations. In emergency medical transportation, the vehicle will be equipped with all the required life-support and other equipment that can keep the patient’s condition under control until reaching the hospital. Medical Transportation has evolved constantly and became a vital aspect of healthcare services industry. While most of the people are aware of the Emergency Medical Transport, very few know about the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services which is also called as Non-Emergency Patient Transportation. This article will help you in understanding the various services and 6 most common reasons that lead one to go for this service.

1. For Consultations

This is to transport the patient from home to the hospital, accompanied by a team of professionally trained nurses, in the case of any emergency. Some medical transportation service providers have advanced a step forward and offering the services like scheduling appointment with the doctor on behalf of the patient, taking the patient to medical laboratories for tests and arranging regular medical supplies.

2. For Regular Follow Ups

This service is for the patients who suffer from a chronic or serious illness that demands doctor’s consultation on regular basis. The experienced medical aids who are on-board, know how to lift the patient and ensure a safe and comfortable transportation which is not possible in general transportation. The patient could be treated on wheels if there is any emergency, as the vehicle will be equipped with required medical equipment.

3. For Post-Surgery Check-ups

The patient who has undergone an operation may require consulting the doctor for post-surgery check-ups. The patient may find it difficult and extremely painful sometimes to get on-board and get down from a regular vehicle. However, vehicles specially designed for medical transport contains a flexible bed, chairs and other support systems that help the patient for a hassle free transportation.

4. Wheel Chair Services

This can be said as a non-medical service that is being offered by medical transportation providers. Usually, the differently abled people hesitate to attend family functions, parties and several other social gatherings as getting in and out of the cabs will be a difficult task. Such people can avail non-emergency transport that provides specially designed “Wheelchair Cab" where the vehicle gives easy access to get in and get off the vehicle.

5. Round the Clock Services

Medical Transport service providers offer their services round the clock irrespective of the time and day for both emergency and non-emergency services. They will be just a call away, always.

6. For Out of State Transport

The patient sometimes needs to travel to other states for various reasons like better treatment and weather conditions. This service is exclusively offered by Chennai transport ambulance services as they have specially trained paramedical support on board and the vehicle with advanced medical equipment.

To conclude, the Non-Emergency Medical Transport system plays as important role as the Emergency Medical transport system in safely transporting the patients to their destinations based on their medical needs and requirements. The will become even more significant in future as the care and safety of the patients are becoming major aspects in healthcare.

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